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Open Water Swimming is fun, friendly and accessible

The Melbourne Open Water Swimming Club is a non profit association dedicated to supported people to swim in the open water.

That means supporting everyone - pool swimmers, members of swimming clubs, the general public, learners, the non-competitive, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, multiclass, special, LGBTQ and indigenous people included.

The club provides equipment and resources for safer swims in the sea. The club works with other organisations and swim clubs to provide open water swimming opportunities for squads and teams.

There are so many wonderful opportunities for open water swimming in Port Phillip bay and around Victoria. This club, based at Melbourne, is dedicated to supporting safer swimming in accordance with Life Saving Victoria guidelines.

The club's basic rule are:

Never Swim Alone (out of sight of lifesavers)

Never swim while cold (shivering)

Never swim unassisted far from shore (we take kayaks and boards for support).

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