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Swim groups, classes, squads in OW and pool

There is a swim group for everyone here. Our swimming is for everyone.

Pool squads at VU Aquatic

Coach Jason Bryce and others

Multiple lanes for fast, medium and slow swimmers

Tuesday and Thursday 7.30pm
Wednesday 6am
Sunday 9am


Supported swimming

Special, para, multiclass, NDIS, seniors

MOWSC supports everyone to swim in the sea.


Open Water Swim Squads and classes

Saturdays 8am and 9am

during summer October to April

At Williamstown Beach almost every Saturday morning in summer months are heaps of great swim groups including:
8am Challenge Yourself Class (max 12 people) Basic Skills in the OW
9am OWS Skills Group - very popular, for pool swimmers and triathletes, One hour. Swim between 1.5 and 2.0km.

Swim Groups, Classes, Squads: Meet the Team
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