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OWS Clinic coaches

You can swim in the sea, let us show you how ...

Every Saturday morning in summer there are OWS classes (8am and 9am) at WIlliamstown Beach.

9am Sunday is club swim - no coaching, set your own pace, distance and time - $5 with kayak support.

24 October 2020 is OWS swim coaching clinic featuring Sam Sheppard and Neroli Nixon.


Sam Sheppard

Committee member and OWS swim coach - clinic 24 October


Neroli Nixon

Committee member and Swim Coach - OWS clinic 24 October 2020


OWS Coach Jason Bryce

Secretary and Club Coach

Young Trainer

Anthony Bruno



2020 committee members include:

Cory Hull

Makere Hurst

Dan Tait

A White

Anto Di Breathnach

Tyrone Bean

Bruce Swift

Iain Dickson


Want to come for a swim in the open water? Come to Williamstown beach on Saturday or Sunday morning 9am.

Coach and Committee: Meet the Team
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